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Ricoffy 250g - PANTRY
Cafe Nescafe Classic Mix 100g - SPENDING
Cafe Nescafe Gold 200g - hot drinks
Cafe Gorongosa 250g - hot drinks
Cafe Delta Q nº10 10's - hotdrinks
Cafe Delta Q nº12 10's - hotdrinks
Tetley Cha Premium Lemon 20s - hotdrinks
Tetley Cha Preto C / Limao 26s - hotdrinks
Cha Rooibos Freshpack 20s - hotdrinks
Milo 250g - SPENDING
Hot Chocolate 250g - hot drinks
Nestle Cocoa 62.5g - hot drinks
Cream 500g - hotdrinks
Nido 400g - hot drinks
Nido 3+ 900g - hot drinks
Delta Coffee MachineDelta Q Coffee Machine - hot drinks
Coffee Sol Ebony Fliter 1Kg - COFFEE
Coffee Sol Ebony Fliter 250g - CAFE
Cafe Sol Espresso Thin 250g - CAFE
Coffee Sol Espresso Grao 1Kgg - CAFE

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