VIP mula

What is VIP Mule 

It is a promotion of à porta, where you earn points, called VIP MULA.

In any online purchase or by signing up on the link available on the portal

You can also win if you invite someone to join the link.

Accumulated VIP MULA can be converted into discounts up to 10.000MT to continue shopping on the portal. 

How it works? 

You can earn VIP MULA by:

  1. Subscription - 100VIP
  2. Join each friend you refer - 100 VIP Mula.
  3. Every 1mt you spend -1 VIP Mule
  4. In each like you give the Aportamoz on Facebook 50VIP Mula
  5. In each like you give the Aportamoz on Instagram 50VIP Mula


The more VIP Mule accumulated in your account, the larger the discount.

  1. If you have between 25000 and 49999, you get a 25MT discount on every 1000VIP
  2. If you have between 50000 and 99999, you get a discount of 50 MT per 1000VIP
  3. If you have between 100000 or more, you get a discount of 100 MT on each 1000VIP Mule. 


    Terms and Conditions

    1. VIP Mula cannot be paid in cash, it is only convertible to discounts on purchases on
    2. The discount amount cannot be higher than your purchases.
    3. VIP Mula will be made only after the beneficiary has paid for their purchases on the website
    4. Any suspected fraud operation will result in your loss of VIP Mula and a ban on the use of the services.

    VIP mula